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08 February 2018

Production – Ireland/Georgia

Rudolph Herzog shooting How to Sell a War

Festivals – France

New immersive festival NewImages launches

07 February 2018

Production – Italy

Filming kicks off on Tutte le mie notti, starring Barbora Bobulova

Berlin 2018 – Market/France

Indie Sales plays a few trump cards at Berlin

Television – Ireland

A new €90 million expansion plan for Ireland's Ashford Studios

Berlin 2018 – Market/France

Pyramide International to the power of 16 at the EFM

Shorts – France/Sweden

The Burden wins SFC Short of the Year at Clermont

Events – UK

Yorgos Lanthimos delivers a memorable BAFTA David Lean Lecture

Production – Finland

Klaus Härö set to release One Last Deal in the autumn

Production – Finland/China/Canada

Iron Sky: The Ark set to conquer China

06 February 2018

Berlin 2018 – Jury

Berlin announces jury members, tributes

Berlin 2018 – Competition/Berlinale Special

Berlin's Competition and Berlinale Special are now complete

Production – Spain

Juana Macías shooting Under the Same Roof

Films – UK

Early Man by Nick Park enters the fray

Solothurn 2018

Tranquillo: The day-to-day of a generation in search of an identity

Awards – France

A clean sweep at the Lumières for BPM (Beats Per Minute)

Industry – Europe

Göteborg’s Nostradamus 2018: Time to evolve

Rotterdam 2018 – Hivos Tiger Competition

Possessed: Death to social media

Production – Iceland/Finland

Baldvin Z's Let Me Fall in post-production

Göteborg 2018

Amateurs: Between class tensions and community spirit

05 February 2018

Rotterdam 2018 – Hivos Tiger Competition

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem: The balance of power in Jerusalem

Rotterdam 2018 – Signatures

Iphigenia in Aulis: Migration and tragedy

Berlin 2018 – Market/France

The Bureau Sales to tout Our Wonderful Lives at Berlin

Funding – France

Arte France Cinéma supports The Swallows of Kabul

Goyas 2018

Isabel Coixet scoops three more Goyas

Awards – Belgium

Insyriated wins big at the Magritte Awards

Rotterdam 2018 – Awards

A trip around the entire world through the Rotterdam awards

Rotterdam 2018 – Hivos Tiger Competition

Djon Africa: A journey through identity limbo

Awards – Denmark

Winter Brothers conquers the 34th Robert Awards

Göteborg 2018 – Awards

Amateurs wins the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film at Göteborg

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