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The Distances (2018)
Lemonade (2018)
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Weekly feature introducing you to film professionals from all over Europe sorted by name.

3900 interviews available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last updated on 25/04/2018. 488 interviews inserted in the last 12 months.


Laurence Herszberg and Francesco Capurro • Director and Talent Forum Head, Séries Mania

"Cinema is no longer the royal art of television, TV series have replaced it"

Laurence Herszberg and Francesco Capurro • Director and Talent Forum Head, Séries Mania

We met up with Laurence Herszberg, Executive Director of Séries Mania, and Francesco Capurro, Head of its European Projects and Talent Forum  


Frédéric Jouve • Producer

"If we prevent originality from existing, in ten years’ time, there will be nothing left"

Frédéric Jouve • Producer

Producer Frédéric Jouve talks about Let the Girls Play and Les Films Velvet’s editorial line – from comedies to Rebecca Zlotowski's films  


Marios Piperides  • Director

"Borders can be broken down once we recognise familiarity in the face of the unknown"

Marios Piperides • Director

We spoke to Cypriot writer-director Marios Piperides about his feature debut, Smuggling Hendrix, which is taking part in the International Narrative...  

24/04/2018 | Tribeca 2018

Marcin Łunkiewicz • VR producer

"VR shouldn't be reduced to a mere experience"

Marcin Łunkiewicz • VR producer

We sat down to chat with Marcin Łunkiewicz, founder of, who has hosted a master class on Virtual Reality Cinema at the Let's CEE Film Festival  


Felice Laudadio • Artistic Director, Bif&st

"We look for originality of thought"

Felice Laudadio • Artistic Director, Bif&st

We jumped at the chance to chat with Felice Laudadio, artistic director of the Bari International Film Festival (Bif&st) since its inception  


Jean-Paul Civeyrac • Director

"I like films where heroism is questioned"

Jean-Paul Civeyrac • Director

Jean-Paul Civeyrac tells us about his new film, the superb and romantic A Paris Education, very popular at the Berlin Film Festival and out today in French...  


Elena Trapé  • Director

“My intention was to shoot a film that makes you feel uncomfortable”

Elena Trapé • Director

Catalonian filmmaker Elena Trapé is competing in the official section of Málaga with her second fiction film, The Distances, which was executive-produced by...  

18/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

Franck Ribière • Director

"People want to watch the films they want, when they want and for a decent price"

Franck Ribière • Director

We spoke to Franck Ribière, who world-premiered his new film, The Most Assassinated Woman in the World at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival  


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