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Vampire Sisters

Trailer [DE]

by Wolfgang Groos

mp4 (640x360) [12092 kb]

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It is a lovely summer’s day, when a furniture van stops along a quiet street in the town of Bindburg. Four strange figures clamber out: father, mother and two 12-year-old girls. The mother looks quite normal, but the other three are pale and dressed rather weirdly. It is Mr. and Mrs. Tepes with their two daughters. Mother is a human-being, father is a vampire, and the girls are not only half-vampires but also twins. Having lived for twelve years in Transylvania, they have now moved to Germany to please their mother. The girls have to start getting used to everyday human life: going to school during the day, wearing sunglasses, putting on thick layers of sun-protection cream. But worst of all, they have no friends and always have to be careful not to betray themselves. No one may find out that they are vampires; if word of that got out, their tranquil existence would be put at risk.

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