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11 December 2017

Awards – UK

God’s Own Country triumphs at the BIFAs

Awards – France

BPM (Beats Per Minute) dominates the nominations for the Lumières Awards

Cinémamed 2017

Rayhana and Kaouther Ben Hania come out on top at the 17th Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival

Awards – Europe

My Life as a Courgette triumphs at the Emile Awards

09 December 2017

European Film Awards 2017

The Square sweeps the European Film Awards

04 December 2017

Berlin 2018 – Opening

Wes Anderson to open the Berlinale again with Isle of Dogs

Awards – USA/Europe

Call Me by Your Name: Film of the Year for Los Angeles film critics

Festivals – Egypt/Europe

Leonardo Di Costanzo’s The Intruder snags the top prize at Cairo

Festivals – France

No Man Is An Island a triumph at Belfort

Festivals – Portugal

Meteors emerges triumphant at Porto/Post/Doc

Torino 2017 – Awards

Israel's Ram Nehari triumphs at Torino Film Festival

Black Nights 2017 – Awards

Black Nights crowns Kyrgyzstan’s Night Accident

01 December 2017

Festivals – Spain

REC Tarragona turns 17

Sundance 2018

Europe prepares to head for Sundance

Festivals – France

Romanian cinema pitches up in Paris

Festivals – USA/Europe

European cinema to set sail for Slamdance

Festivals – Europe

The second edition of the ArteKino Festival kicks off – both online and in theatres

Awards – Latvia

The Chronicles of Melanie sweeps the Great Christopher Awards

28 November 2017

Festivals – Italy

Milan's Filmmaker International Film Festival to welcome research cinema

Awards – USA/Europe

Call Me by Your Name triumphs at the Gotham Awards

27 November 2017

Gijón 2017 – Awards

Eugène Green emerges triumphant at Gijón

24 November 2017

Festivals – France

The filmmakers of tomorrow in the limelight at Belfort

23 November 2017

IDFA 2017 – Awards

The Other Side of Everything triumphs at the IDFA

Awards – USA/Europe

Luca Guadagnino leads Europe to the Spirit Awards

22 November 2017

Festivals – Italy

The Noir in Festival to unspool in December and hand out the Caligari Prize

Awards – France

Nine hopefuls for the 2017 Louis-Delluc Prize

Festivals – Ireland

The Cork Film Festival announces its award winners

21 November 2017

Festivals – Sweden

Léonor Serraille wins the Bronze Horse at Stockholm

Festivals – Poland

On Body and Soul takes home the main prize from Camerimage

Awards – France

France's Sopadin Grand Prix for Best Screenwriter goes to Arab Blues

European Film Awards 2017

EFA's European Co-production Award goes to Cedomir Kolar

IDFA 2017

Final Cut For Real storms the IDFA with four films

20 November 2017

Zagreb 2017 – Awards

Men Don't Cry wins at Zagreb

16 November 2017

Gijón 2017

The Gijón Film Festival turns a corner

15 November 2017

Festivals – Spain

A deluge of the very best European films rains down on MUCES

14 November 2017

Torino 2017

Asia Argento to be guest director at the 35th Torino Film Festival

European Film Awards 2017

Loveless wins two of the first seven European Film Awards

LUX Prize 2017

The LUX Prize goes to Sámi Blood

Festivals – Switzerland

Sanal Sasidharan’s Sexy Durga takes home the Reflet d’Or from Geneva

13 November 2017

Cottbus 2017 – Awards

Polish films win big at Cottbus